Why You Should Start A Blog

Building off my previous piece, I would like to encourage you to take up blogging and consider a personal writing challenge. Blogs can be free here on WordPress, so there is simply no excuse. When I chat with friends about them starting a blog, I get a couple common pushbacks. They ask:

“What if no one likes it?”
“Who am I to write a blog?”
“What if I have nothing interesting to say?”
“What if I try and fail?”

Of course, it is these very fears that should be an insight into why you should give it a shot. If something as simple as putting a few sentences on a page is outside of your comfort zone, then it’s time to expand that bastard.

So what if no one likes it? Write just for yourself. Write for the sake of collecting your thoughts. Besides, you might be surprised how quickly a blog can grow. Your friends will certainly check it out and WordPress attracts a lot of random readers. Worst case absolutely no one reads it. Then you have no one observing your embarrassment. You fail, learn and move on. More likely case, you find yourself a few niche fans. You win, learn and move on.

So what if you don’t feel important or interesting enough to write? You think anyone comes out the womb an interesting or talented person? Your distrust in your own capability has you forming a false idea of how people succeed. Becoming interesting is a muscle you can develop. Something you work out by forcing yourself to write. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy ideas flow when you turn idea creation into a habit.

So what if you fail? What is failing to start a blog anyway? If you write nothing you’ve already failed. If you write something and no one reads it, you’ve actually failed even less. If you set a personal challenge to write frequently and fail that, then you just get back up and try again. You only really fail when you give up. You fail if you let your fear take over. Dive in and give it a try.

Now that I’ve dealt with the disincentives, let’s talk about the incentives for starting a blog.

Writing is a wonderful way to collect your thoughts. It has an objective therapeutic effect. A way of growing your brain and helping you sort out your mental health.

It will make you more interesting, as you work out your creative and intellectual muscles.

Conquering your fear of writing will help you grow as a person. It will springboard you into a life of courage. You can look at old blogs and see how you’ve developed. See the things you’ve conquered.

Blogging helps you build an online brand. If you want a job in an industry, there’s no better way than to have a series of blogs learning and teaching about that subject. You can position yourself as an expert. Or show to the marketplace that you’re someone deeply passionate about learning this subject.

The only good reason to not blog, is if you just genuinely don’t want to. But only reach that conclusion after you’ve considered all the evidence. The fears are unfounded and the benefits are immense. This is why you should start a blog.


I Need To Write More

Last year I did a whole month of writing a blog post every day. It was awesome. I felt great about myself and my over all productively went up. This month I’ve written very little and I’ve over all accomplished very little as well. I haven’t been the best mood this month either. It seems to me there is a some sort of correlation between the two.

This next March I will give writing every day another go. I need to get back into healthy work habits and writing is the best place to start.

Most of the content will be here on my personal site. Crypto currency related content will likely be posted on my business blog at Ethereumclothing.com. Cannabis content will be found on other blog CannaThis.blog.

Looking forward to another month of kicking ass.

Blogging everyday has been very empowering.

Roughly 13 days into blogging everyday. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do since I first joined Praxis back in 2014. It’s a task entrepreneur circles tend to hype up and honestly i’m pretty sold. Through blogging like this I’ve really learned to keep commitments.

I’ve made a promise to my community, but most importantly to myself that id write everyday this month. Being young, dumb and unmotivated it’s pretty normal for me to come up with a project and not follow through. Even just two weeks in I’m already noticing my work ethic developing and my ability to follow through getting better.

Looking forward to writing more.

I prefer writing in the morning

Well i’m 5 days into my personal challenge for writing every day in November. So far it’s been a great opportunity to get myself into healthy work habits and keep my wit sharp. Along with a lot of other cool stuff going on it’s been a huge confidence boost and I’ve felt mostly kickass all week.

My strategy is to primarily write in the morning when I can. It doesn’t always happen as I can get distracted or awake to some work that I wasn’t expecting but it’s my optimal time to write.

It’s a great way to start off my day. Gets my brain going before it’s loud and filled with all the random shit I see and learn the next few hours. Helps remind me I can do anything with just a little discipline and creativity.

More most importantly though… It’s a good excuse to justify spending the first hour of my morning in bed without any pants.