Egoism needs Virtue Ethics

I have an intense interest in ethics and using philosophy to discover general rules for how to live life and interact with others. This passion has always lead me to take the position of ethical egoism very seriously. Ethical egoism, which i’ll just call egoism for the rest of this, is the idea that when […]

Strict adherence to the law is a terrible vice

There is no virtue in following the law without question. I don’t mean it’s bad to follow the law in all cases. Certainly if you don’t want to snort lines of coke then you shouldn’t feel obligated to. However there are many laws if not most laws that following makes you less of a virtuous […]

Religion: Killing yourself with prayer

Religion: Killing yourself with prayer I want to stress I got a lot of great things out my fling with religion, especially some great friends and a lot of under the table style hedonism. There were a few years of my youth that religion, particularly episcopalian Christianity, played a role in my moral compass and […]