Isaac Morehouse and Entrepreneurship as a Libertarian Tactic

One of the most life changing conversations I ever had, was with a man named Isaac Morehouse. He runs a company called Praxis, which offers young professionals an apprenticeship at a startup. Included in the program is an online bootcamp filled with resources for becoming as productive and skilled as possible. Isaac has some really […]

5 Tips for Good Conversation

I recently got home from an adventure at Praxis Weekend. It was a gathering of many great minds and hearts all sharing a desire for creating value in the world. Amazing people means amazing conversations and chances to connect on a deep emotional level. It was especially interesting to see the development of my own […]

The Praxis Mafia Gives Me Life

Surround yourself with people who make you better. So I’m in Austin Texas if you haven’t seen me spam my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (gabejmitchell) with photos. I’m in town to spend time with my Praxis friends and go to the Voice and Exit event, it’s sorta like Ted Talks but bigger and better. Great town, tried whataburger and had in-n-out (I […]