Mapping Stoner Slang

Stoner Linguistics As an avid marijuana enthusiast I’ve become very interested in exploring stoner culture. What are our symbols, history and ideas? Most interesting to me might be the linguistics. How has the language been influenced by issues of legality and social pressures to hide our actions? How do cannabis users talk to each other? […]

Grammar Nazis Don’t Understand Language

There’s this position some people take called Linguistic Prescription or grammar Prescriptivism. It’s the philosophical notion that some uses of language are wrong are inherently worse than other variations. The grammar nazi embodies this philosophy. They point out errors in the communication they encounter, often in a rude and elitist manner. Ironically the idea of […]

Duolingo makes learning a language fun

Duolingo is awesome. I’m almost done with my first week and I’m totally hooked. I took two years of German in highschool and I’ve been eager to get back on it. Learning a new language is a perfect way to sharpen my brain and give me insight into a whole new culture. If you’re thinking […]