On Philosophical Conversation And Debate

I struggle with understanding the utility of engaging people on philosophical topics. Sometimes it can be an enriching experince. Two minds engaging in mutual stimulation. Challenging and learning from each other. Other times it can be a huge waste. Cause unnecessary social conflict or trigger insecurities. I have no confusion over writing articles and essays [...]


Why You Should Start A Blog

Building off my previous piece, I would like to encourage you to take up blogging and consider a personal writing challenge. Blogs can be free here on WordPress, so there is simply no excuse. When I chat with friends about them starting a blog, I get a couple common pushbacks. They ask: “What if no [...]

Calling Marxism Egalitarian Is a Strawman

One of the worst things that can happen to a bad idea, is to have it propped up by bad counter arguments. Marxism is one of those bad ideas that is often strengthened by misunderstandings. A particularly common strawman, is the accusation that Marxism is an egalitarian philosophy, seeking equal outcome regardless of unequal input. [...]