Fuck Coffee

I find the damn stuff repulsive. That doesn’t mean I don’t drink it mind you, I maybe have a cup or two once a month when I can’t score something better, but when faced with all the possible drugs in the world it baffles me that people are daily coffee drinkers. It doesn’t even taste [...]


Asking questions to build connections.

Asking questions to build connections. How do you have a conversation? Do you just sit back and listen? Do you spend the whole time talking about your favorite things? If your goal for the conversation is to build some kind of meaningful connection with the person, considering asking them questions. Not small questions, no one [...]

Religion: Killing yourself with prayer

Religion: Killing yourself with prayer I want to stress I got a lot of great things out my fling with religion, especially some great friends and a lot of under the table style hedonism. There were a few years of my youth that religion, particularly episcopalian Christianity, played a role in my moral compass and [...]