Capitalism IS Cooperation

Critics of capitalism are quick to write it off for promoting competition. Calling it anti-community, anti-social and such. Putting workers against workers, bussines against bussines, and brother against brother. The system is accused of “social darwnism”. Critics call for a society where we all work together and not against each other.

However, the nature of this competition is deeply misunderstood. It is true that market actors are competing. It is also true that often their motivations are self interested or driven purely by monetary profit. Doesn’t this profit requires customers though? This profit comes from working with others. You need a new window so you seek out someone who you can cooperate with to get that. The window repair man seeks out the best glass maker who they can cooperate with. The glass maker seeks out the best provider of the hard materials. So on. It is a chain of cooperation. It is true that the window repair compay is competing with other window repair companies. What’s not often communicated is that, they are competing with others in their industry to see who is the best cooperator. Who will work with you to fuflill your preferences and needs while also fulfilling theirs.

In this since, markets are not just made up of competition but also copperation. It’s made up of people working together. The maximum amount of cooperation becuase the cooperation inceitivized by literal profit. Guaranteed cooperation not found in any other economic system. Capitalism IS cooperation.


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