What The X In Xmas Means

In the 70’s, New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson, sent out a press release stating his desire to “keep Christ in Christmas”. Ever since then, a thousand old protestant women are driving around with bumper stickers shaming the use of “Xmas” in place of Christmas.

The great irony is that the X litterally stands for Christ.

“Χριστός” is the greek word for Christ. X or “Chi”, being the first part of the word. A common practice through out Christian history was to abbreviate Christ to “Xρ” or “Xt”. This eventually evolved into the “☧” symbol still used today by many churches.

Use of the short hand Xmas is seen as far back as the 1600s. Never being used in an anti-christian context, but always being used in the way historical Christains used X.

Xmas means Christmas. It has always meant that. Dont let your ignorant evangelical aunt tell you otherwise.


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