Doing What I Want

“like if freedom means doing what I want, well, don’t I gotta want something?”

Relistening to the album Die The Nightmare and this line stood out to me. It highlights where my latest struggles are. I’m at a really awesome spot in life. Cool house, awesome friends, self employed. I have an unprecedented amount of freedom and stability. My needs have been met. I no longer have to work out of desperation. But how do I work when I’m not motivated by starvation? How do I fill my time when I have almost unlimited options? What do I do with my new freedom?

I have what I need, but what do I want?

Fortunately, I am starting to figure it out. I’vee been slowing down my decision making process. I’m taking the time to ask myself if I really WANT the thing I’m about to choose. 

I will learn from this anxiety of freedom and I will grow.


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