Nightmares and Self Confidence

I used to have nightmares. Almost every night. Usually they were some sort of stress dream. Maybe an unstoppable creep chasing me through the house. Other times my teeth falling out while I watched helplessly in the mirror. One thing that was very common was a sense of helplessness. Even in the rare dream where I had the courage to throw a punch at an attacker my fists would simply be soft, damageless blows.

Sometime a few years ago things changed. My life was starting to get together. I was working past a lot of youth insecurities and unhealthy behaviors. Suddenly the nightmares just stopped. I maybe only have one once every few months during times of serious stress. Most interesting though, isn’t that the nightmares stopped being so frequent, but that when they do I happen I am now able to overcome them. When being chased down endless hallways I can find courage. I can throw a punch at whatever beast is following me and it lands with an impact.

The subconscious is a curious thing.


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