Today I’m Grateful for Jakob Mathis

Life has always been a rollercoaster. I hit intense highs and fall into some brutal lows. Though I’m over all happy and confident there’s a lot of uncertainty.

Lately every weekend I’ve been meeting up with my close friend Jakob Mathis. We get together at his place and play through the Call of Duty Zombie Games. It’s nothing special. Plenty of guys have built their friendships around throwing back a beer and playing video games. However seeing Jakob has become a real highlight of my week. It’s one point of consistency and ordered in my otherwise chaotic life. We get together and accomplish somethibg. Bonding every weekend, getting closer and closer to reaching the games end goals.

Jakob is an amazing person to spend time with. He’s impressive, at only 20 he already manages restaurants for a living. He’s extremely charitable, goes out of his way to make sure I’ve been fed. He’s unbelievably kind, I’ve never heard him say absurdly negative things about anyone. Always gives people the benefit of the doubt. He’s hilarious, we crack some of the best jokes when together. Even inventing little speech games to sharpen our wit through rhyme. I could go on and on!

Jakob is super great and I’m happy to call him my friend. Today I am grateful for Jakob Mathis.


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