On Reason and Emotions

There’s this understanding of the relationship between logical and emotional thinking that I particularly dislike. Its this idea that reason and emotions are somehow conflicting forces. That they are at a tug of war over our minds. That one can be “too logical” and therefor must learn the right balance. Popular culture often views reason and emotion as a Yin-Yang type force.

I think this is a poor way to understand logic. Instead of viewing logic and emotion as a Yin-Yang it would be better to look at them as hierarchy. A hierarchy where logic must be embraced before we get into emotional thinking. This is not to say you should avoid any passion. Passion is an essential part of the human experiencing. My point is that in order to make sure our emotions are legitimate we need to first filter it through our reason. Logic is simply the acceptance of the basic rules that govern our reality. Without a base understanding of truth our emotions can be unreasonable. Without a logical guard in place we simply get lost in feelings.

We ought not see reason and emotion as conflicting forces in need of a balance. They are compatible parts of an intricate system but a system where logic must come first. They part of an order of operations for an authentic experience.


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