My Dog Died Today

As is the inevitable result of all life, my closest friend found her doom today.

I feel mostly Stoic at the moment but i’m sure i’ll have a nice cry before I fall asleep tonight. (edit: cried after posting this)

There’s a sense that maybe I shouldn’t feel sad at all. I knew it was coming. I was assuming she would have to put down sometime this year or next. She lived a good life but it was starting to degrade.  Her lungs were giving out. Her heart was getting weak. She was in pain and needed a release.

There’s also a hint of guilt working its way around my brain. I feel like maybe I should have spent more time with her. Should have brought her along on more adventures or even just added a couple of minutes to all of our walks.

Oh well. That’s the way things go. Gotta keep truckin’.

Thank you Sunny for filling this lonely boys heart while I tried to figure out this absurd adventure we call life.

Rest In Power.


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