I Need To Write More

Last year I did a whole month of writing a blog post every day. It was awesome. I felt great about myself and my over all productively went up. This month I’ve written very little and I’ve over all accomplished very little as well. I haven’t been the best mood this month either. It seems to me there is a some sort of correlation between the two.

This next March I will give writing every day another go. I need to get back into healthy work habits and writing is the best place to start.

Most of the content will be here on my personal site. Crypto currency related content will likely be posted on my business blog at Ethereumclothing.com. Cannabis content will be found on other blog CannaThis.blog.

Looking forward to another month of kicking ass.


My Dog Died Today

As is the inevitable result of all life, my closest friend found her doom today.

I feel mostly┬áStoic at the moment but i’m sure i’ll have a nice cry before I fall asleep tonight. (edit: cried after posting this)

There’s a sense that maybe I shouldn’t feel sad at all. I knew it was coming. I was assuming she would have to put down sometime this year or next. She lived a good life but it was starting to degrade. ┬áHer lungs were giving out. Her heart was getting weak. She was in pain and needed a release.

There’s also a hint of guilt working its way around my brain. I feel like maybe I should have spent more time with her. Should have brought her along on more adventures or even just added a couple of minutes to all of our walks.

Oh well. That’s the way things go. Gotta keep truckin’.

Thank you Sunny for filling this lonely boys heart while I tried to figure out this absurd adventure we call life.

Rest In Power.