Legalization makes everyone nicer.

Legalization makes everyone nicer. Today I bought some marijuana. Like thousands of Americans do everyday I went to a building and met with an entrepreneur to purchase a product. However I live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana. There is an insane over supply of products and a flooded market of businesses and […]

My mother gives me folk punk cred

My mother gives me folk punk cred. A kinda charming and sorta maturing thought crossed my mind this morning. My mother to some degree is a part of the folk punk tradition. She wasn’t a Johnny Hobo style traveling punk, More an introverted painter and soft folk guitar player, but she was a grandmother of […]

Eating free for the creative poor

I’m not terribly concerned about the ethics or health effects of what i’m about to suggest. What I’m attempting to do with this post is share my experiences so that the reader might have some additional tools to add to their belt for survival while hungry. We all gotta eat and fortunately in a capitalist […]