Leafly and Paper Trails

Paper Trails Are Important There’s been a lot of talk about paper trails in the Praxis community. Leaving behind comments, blog posts, and reviews increases your overall presence on the web adding SEO advantages to your name. This is super important for young entrepreneurs trying to build their brand online. However it’s not just about […]

Queer Themes in Ayn Rand

I’m reading a very fascinating book called “Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand”. A collection of essays and articles written by feminists on Rand and her books. It’s been several years since I last read any Rand, so the book has been a very unique re-introduction to her writings and ideas. One thing pointed out by […]

LetGo App: How I Made $60 in One Night

Rents coming up and that means I’m in hustle mode. Did my usual agorist flipping but decided to supplement my income with some experiments. It’s also a good season to down size and those dusty video game systems weren’t going to sell themselves. Fortunately it’s the 21st century and with just my smart phone I […]

Parental bias and bad advice

Parental bias and bad advice. I was at Voice and Exit a few weeks ago. One of the speakers Derek Magill was doing a talk titled “Fuck College”. Lots of good content in it but one section really stood out. When discussing the biggest barriers to the Praxis business (an entrepreneur internship program) he brought […]