Why November Was a Slow Sales Month

I finished off August with my best sales record so far for EthereumClothing.com. it was a nice high to ride into November. Expecting an even bigger month Ive been disappointed to see things didn’t turn out as awesome.

Here’s why I think November has been so slow

No new designs

My biggest jump in sales is usually when I make a new design. It’s an easy excuse to post around cryptocurrency communities and pretty much always does well. This month I had no new unique designs to market.

Price dip

After a few hard forks Ethereum is struggling to stay above the $10 mark. A low in the market is a good indication of things slowing down. Less new adopters of the technology means less new customers for me.


I did a few interesting things this month. I sent a shirt out to an influencer and started talking to some people about being on their podcast. However neither of these had the immediate payout I was hoping for. As a result of waiting on these things to generate sales I neglected putting effort into other things like Editing the site or up-ing my social media game.

Educational month. Will be able to use what I learned this month to help my business in December.


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