Should we celebrate the death of evil people?

Castro died last night. A tyrant, a murderer, but most interestingly a human. Castro like you and I was made of flesh and blood. He breathed the same air we breathed. He probably woke up with the same anxiety and stresses we’ve experienced daily.
But should we let our empathy get in the way of our celebration? Does the fact Castro was a human mean we shouldn’t celebrate his death? I say no! Wave your flags and burn your dummies of this human monster!

There are few deaths worth celebrating but Castro is on the list. A celebration relieves the tension and emotions that the victim have been holding in for generations. A celebration gives us an opportunity to come closer and begin to heal.

We are not just celebrating the death of an evil man, we are celebrating those that survived his actions, we are celebrating the symbolic end of an era of suffering, we are celebrating a small victory in the never ending battle bet good and evil.


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