Leafly and Paper Trails

Paper Trails Are Important

There’s been a lot of talk about paper trails in the Praxis community. Leaving behind comments, blog posts, and reviews increases your overall presence on the web adding SEO advantages to your name. This is super important for young entrepreneurs trying to build their brand online. However it’s not just about quantity but also finding outlets that reflect your interests and passions.

Leafly Strain Reviews

One site i’m starting to use is Leafly.com. Leafly is a start-up that offers a network of information on cannabis strains and where to find them. What’s most valuable about Leafly for me is the strain reviews. I personally use them when choosing my next pick up and they’re becoming a great place for me to write out some words and leave my mark.


Below is an example of a Strain Review I wrote tonight with some edits for this blog:

African Buzz Strain Review

I’m working through an 8th of African Buzz a variation of the Malawi Gold strain. It’s rare I get the pleasure of coming across pure sativa like this in the agorist market. The lack of formal quality checks incentivize having some indica along with the sativa in order to ensure the customer “feels” the cannabis. When I find a strain like African Buzz I get very excited. As it is a Sativa strain the body high is lacking and so I do need to smoke more before I begin to really notice the THC activating but the effects are much preferable to an indica Dominant strain like Northern Lights. African Buzz is the perfect strain for daily cannabis use. I like smoking a lot but I’m also a busy guy so I can’t have couch lock sitting in when i’m trying to get shit done.After smoking a few bowl I feel energized, uplifted and my creativity begins to flow.
The smell and taste of African Buzz certainly leaves a lot of be desired. When I was buying the 8th my friend remarked “that smells exactly like the Zoo”. To be honest it sorta does. The smell is dominated by an earthy and slightly flowery fragrance – almost like the straw found on the floor of the elephant habitat. The taste isn’t particularly pleasant either. It’s that stereotypical grassy taste that you might generally associate with lower quality shake. There is some hint of a fruity aftertaste but not in the notable way like a bug of Blueberry Cheesecake.
Overall 4 out of 5 stars. I love pure sativas and i’m very happy to be smoking on this but there are other sativas with a bigger punch and a better taste.

Also here’s some fun shirt ideas for other strains

laughingbuddhashirt1 whitewidowshirt1


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