Parental bias and bad advice

Parental bias and bad advice.

I was at Voice and Exit a few weeks ago. One of the speakers Derek Magill was doing a talk titled “Fuck College”. Lots of good content in it but one section really stood out. When discussing the biggest barriers to the Praxis business (an entrepreneur internship program) he brought up parents. Even though the data and personal experiences of students suggest college isn’t the best path for everyone parents were the major force encouraging students to not drop/opt out and join an alternative. There is a certain safety bias parents have that keep them from being able to see the potential good in alternatives. Out of their love they are simply ill-equipped to support their happiness and fulfillment of their child.

I know I’ve personally experienced this. I received some bad relationship advice like abstinence growing up. A peice of advice that empirically leads to STDs and teen pregnancy. But it was loving advice given by parents who were scared of potential heart break and HIV in their children. Out of their fear for my safety they give bad advice.

It is the nature of the parent-child relationship for things like this to happen. Be wary of the suggestions and advice of family. Their love for you can be damaging along with all the good.


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