Strict adherence to the law is a terrible vice

There is no virtue in following the law without question. I don’t mean it’s bad to follow the law in all cases. Certainly if you don’t want to snort lines of coke then you shouldn’t feel obligated to. However there are many laws if not most laws that following makes you less of a virtuous person.

Speed limits are probably the most obvious example. Most of studies done in the last 20 years about driver safety suggest the best way for drivers to behave is to match the speed and direct flow of the traffic. Often this means going over the speed limit, following the spontaneous order of the road ways. The driver who slows to meet the speed limit puts everyone on the road at risk. Literally by following the law they create an unsafe environment for those around them.

Imagine the mindset of the individual who believes they ought always follow the rules. The type of person who the concern of others around them and for their own freedom is second to being a good citizen. The person who isn’t ever willing to consider the unintended consequences of their actions.  Worse yet they might feel superior or more mature for their submission. It’s gross at the very least and unethical at the most.

Long live the outlaws for they live a life of virtue.


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