How Holiday Inn Broke My Heart

I woke today on the bed of my Holiday Inn room Austin Texas. The sunlight creeped from the window onto my sheets awaking my mind to the potential of the day. Excited, eager, hyped for my highest ranking joy of the hotel experience, the continental breakfast. There are few greater sensations while traveling than awaking in a hotel knowing all I have to do is head out the door and down the stairs for a hearty meal. I’m exhausted from flying, completely drained from networking at events and the convenience of the free breakfast gives me the energy needed to embrace the day. It is a beautiful American tradition, no an American RIGHT, to be greeted by a buffet of waffles and eggs.
I gathered myself. I headed out the door and into the lobby. My excitement raised as I got closer to what I thought was about to be another beautiful hotel morning i’ve had several times before. I stepped into the room. Tables, check. Coffee, check. Food… food? To my horror there was no food! No free food at all. Not even a basket of complimentary fruit for the hard working Americans that make up the guests at a Holiday Inn. A disappointing menu with over priced plates of food.

I was disgusted. I am still disgusted hours later writing this. Disgusted but more importantly saddened. Holiday Inn is not some high end luxury hotel for the millionaire business men. Holiday Inn is for the everyday American. The appeal of such a company is the affordability of hospitality. As an everyday American I demand my basic right to complimentary continental breakfast.

Holiday Inn. I know you’re not evil. I know you care about your customers and about providing a great service in this great nation. I will forgive you. I know holding rage will get us nowhere. Please though, for the sake of building a better world please make breakfast standard in at your locations. Do it for the everyday Americans like me.



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  1. I work for IHG which owns Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn doesn’t have complimentary breakfast. Out of all the brands under IHG the only two that include complimentary breakfast in all the rates are Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites.


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