I Love Colorado

I’m on my way to Texas for this year’s Voice and Exit. Should be a great event and most importantly I’ll see all of my favorite Praxis people. If you’re gonna be there be sure to hit me up i’d love to hang out!
Whenever im about to go on a trip I have a wave of bitter sweetness hit me. On one hand I’m going on an adventure! I’m always eager to find myself in new places and meet new people. 

On the other hand I just fucking love Colorado it’s so hard to leave. I love waking up the mountains early enough to catch that purple tint written about in “America the Beautiful”. I love that just 10 minutes out my door is hundreds of hiking trails to go on an adventure. I love that I can walk around with a joint in my mouth and no one cares, in fact people offer to share theirs with me. I love that I live in a community where all my vegan friends shoot guns and all my truck driving conservative friends grow pot. 

There’s just so much about Colorado I adore and though I’ll enjoy my adventure this week in Texas I’ll always have this beautiful state in the back of my mind


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