Harvey J is Everything I Love About Entrepreneurship

So there’s this man on the internet. No he’s not a man. He’s a fucking legend. A living meme come to save humanity from our dry corporate existence through drunken rapping and alcohol infused cooking tips.
This god of branding and social media is Harvey J, hennessy enthusiast and internet super star. He’s known best for a series of cooking with henny videos where he basically just pours bottles of hennessy all over his meals and shouts “WE LIT”. It’s charming, it’s hilarious but primarily it inspires the fuck of me.

Harvey has tapped into the essence of what I love about entrepreneurship. The creative freedom to live whatever lifestyle you want however you want. I don’t know how Harvey J is offline but I would bet he likes to drink as much as I like to smoke and now he’s made a career out of his passion for pleasure. I mean he was over 700,000 likes on Facebook and half of his content is just him drinking on camera, truly inspirational!

Thank you for being such a badass Harvey J. Because of you I know Hennything is possible!


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