Thoughts from a tolerance break

It’s been a little over a week since I last smoked pot. I’m on what you could call a tolerance break, letting my brain readjust to sobriety so that it’s easier to get high when I get back to it. A tolerance break is always a great time to reflect on my drug use so here’s some thoughts before I return to the Devil’s Lettuce.

It’s great that cannabis is so easy to quit

I smoked pretty much daily up until last week when I stopped. It really says great things about this drug that you be a frequent user like me and have little trouble cutting cold turkey. If I had been doing coke everyday for a few weeks I’d probably be finding some excuse to sell my PlayStation for another line at this point. That isn’t to say cannabis isn’t addictive in some sense. Anything fun is addictive. But it’s addictive to the same degree as a good TV show or a fun book, you wanna do it again not because you’re compelled but simply because it’s a habit and it’s super fun.

I’m not more or less productive without weed

There’s this unfortunate stigma around smoking pot, that it makes you brain dead and unproductive. Though it’s true sometimes while high I’d rather melt into the couch with a plate of tacos than get any work done it’s not really a universal smoking experience. When stoned I often find myself energized to do creative work. Some of my best art was a result of THC igniting the creative spark in my brain. My tolerance break hasn’t really affected my productivity overall. I read less and I’m doing less spray paint art but I’m still kicking ass the same way I was while smoking daily. It’s important to pay attention to how individual strains change my work habits (I’m not gonna go for a jog on a 90% indica) but for the most part, I believe weed has little noticeable effect on my ability to get shit done.

I do sleep better without it

Probably the only real noticeable side effect of not smoking is my sleeping patterns. When I smoked daily, especially when I had more indica than sativa, I’d pretty much always take a nap halfway through my day. This would totally mess up my sleeping schedule. Making me wake up at 6am some morning and 1pm others. An important thing to pay attention to and keeping this in mind maybe I’ll learn to only smoke at night or only buy sativa.

Nothing new

Overall, haven’t learned much that I didn’t already know. It’s nice to take a break and reflect, it reminds me that contrary to the propaganda smoking doesn’t make me a junkie. Sobriety is it’s own type of adventure and it’s just another possible perspective to see my day from. Looking forward to getting high at a lower cost now that my tolerance is back down.


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