Listen to your customers they will tell you how to sell them.

There’s a quote out there that goes something like: “If you listen long enough the customer will tell you how to sell them.”

I’m unsure the origin or the exact wording but I have some personal examples to share that will prove it right.

I run a crypto currency apparel store called Obviously the main product is Ethereum themed t-shirts and what not if you can’t tell from the name.

A market like this is pretty young. There hasn’t really been any tested and proven strategies. There’s very little competition in fact only a few months in and i’m already the only major dealer of Ethereum t-shirts and and totally dominating the SEO game, being beat out only by big name sites like Redbubble with thousands of products.

When it comes to making an impact the only option is to stay active in the community and waiting for them to tell you how to sell them. Just a few weeks ago I posted some t-shirts and from the feedback was inspired to create new products thus leading to more sales. Here’s the comments:




Literally the customers asked for something I made it happen. We both win because I was willing to listen to my customers instead of assuming I knew what was best.


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