Entrepreneurs are all a little weird

So I had the cool opportunity to be Abbey Lovett’s first podcast guest. We talked about a lot of great stuff. Authenticity, Praxis, Struggle and my favorite topic: Drugs.

One of the things I mentioned was how important it is for entrepreneurs like me to be open about our drug use and how weird we really are. It’s common for young aspiring entrepreneurs to feel turned off from the culture because they think they need to be clean cut white bread corporate guys. There’s nothing wrong with being straight edge or wearing a suit buts it’s so far from the truth for the average founder.

The fact of the matter is most entrepreneurs are the weirdest people you’ll meet. It’s our weirdness that keeps us from wanting just another basic 9 to 5 office job. You gotta be a little off to think risking it all and sleeping in your car for a week is worth seeing your startup through. You’ve got to be a little strange to enjoy staying up all night putting together your code or crafting the perfect pitch deck. Normal people just don’t do what we do.

Even Peter Thiel mentions this. He has a whole chapter in Zero to One dedicated to discussing how strange his PayPal founders were and outrageous the personality types of other famous entrepreneurs have been. “Of the six people who started PayPal, four had built bombs in high school” is literally the first sentence in his 14th chapter.

Entrepreneurs are weird and there’s no point in hiding it. Let that freak flag fly.


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