Why November Was a Slow Sales Month

I finished off August with my best sales record so far for EthereumClothing.com. it was a nice high to ride into November. Expecting an even bigger month Ive been disappointed to see things didn’t turn out as awesome.

Here’s why I think November has been so slow

No new designs

My biggest jump in sales is usually when I make a new design. It’s an easy excuse to post around cryptocurrency communities and pretty much always does well. This month I had no new unique designs to market.

Price dip

After a few hard forks Ethereum is struggling to stay above the $10 mark. A low in the market is a good indication of things slowing down. Less new adopters of the technology means less new customers for me.


I did a few interesting things this month. I sent a shirt out to an influencer and started talking to some people about being on their podcast. However neither of these had the immediate payout I was hoping for. As a result of waiting on these things to generate sales I neglected putting effort into other things like Editing the site or up-ing my social media game.

Educational month. Will be able to use what I learned this month to help my business in December.


Innovation Makes Anarchism Possible

I had a nice conversation with a friend today about Anarchism. One of the things he was curious about was the probability of statelessness in our lifetime.

I’m optimistic. I believe that entrepreneurs and innovators will make the state obsolete and it may even happen in my lifetime. Bitcoin completely out competes the Federal Reserve and projects like the open Bazar are building a free market future. It’s simply a matter of the right profit incentives meeting the right great minds.

Will the state totally go away? Probably not. However the trends are pointing to a future where the government has less power. We could see a world where democratic states go the way of the english monarch. Still existing, still having a minor influence but not an all power beast like the past.

White Pride and Statism

There seems to be some confusion among my politically right wing and liberty loving friends about the topic of “white pride”. Memes are circling around the supposed logical inconsistency in minority groups having the social freedom to express their racial pride while whites expressing white pride is seen as an expression of racism.

I can empathize with the desire to not feel left out and I am aware that most of my friends with this confusion aren’t closet racists or attempting to belittle the suffering of minority groups. However there is a lot of good reason why white pride is seen as a negative. There is a deep historical relationship between whiteness, the government and oppression.

First let me make clear there is a meaningful distinction between whiteness and being of European descent. It is one thing to identify with say your Irish heritage. This is widely accepted socially. Irish parades, British flags, so on. What seems to be Philosophically problematic is the embracing of whiteness and white pride.

Whiteness has been a sort of political identity. One used to indicate a position of power over others. It is an oddly fluid thing with its existence being largely depend on historical statism. For example, The United States government changed white on the Census in order to include or exclude Hispanics from immigration to meet demands for labor throughout the decades. Irish and Italians were sometimes referred to with the N word to emphasize their exclusion from whiteness and the position of power.

This is why white pride is unique from other forms of racial pride. At Least in the United States. White pride is almost always accompanied with prejudices and a grasp for political power. White pride is  statist in its nature and liberty lovers will do good to be weary of it.

Should we celebrate the death of evil people?

Castro died last night. A tyrant, a murderer, but most interestingly a human. Castro like you and I was made of flesh and blood. He breathed the same air we breathed. He probably woke up with the same anxiety and stresses we’ve experienced daily.
But should we let our empathy get in the way of our celebration? Does the fact Castro was a human mean we shouldn’t celebrate his death? I say no! Wave your flags and burn your dummies of this human monster!

There are few deaths worth celebrating but Castro is on the list. A celebration relieves the tension and emotions that the victim have been holding in for generations. A celebration gives us an opportunity to come closer and begin to heal.

We are not just celebrating the death of an evil man, we are celebrating those that survived his actions, we are celebrating the symbolic end of an era of suffering, we are celebrating a small victory in the never ending battle bet good and evil.

Grammar Nazis Don’t Understand Language

There’s this position some people take called Linguistic Prescription or grammar Prescriptivism. It’s the philosophical notion that some uses of language are wrong are inherently worse than other variations. The grammar nazi embodies this philosophy. They point out errors in the communication they encounter, often in a rude and elitist manner. Ironically the idea of objective rules in language is extremely weak when put to the test.

Can grammar be wrong? Are there rules for communication that exist objectively absent of circumstances? When first posed with these questions most people might say yes. Schooling environments tend to give the limited perspective of prescriptivism. Misuse of language or breaking the rules is literally punished with low marks. We’re trained from a young age to see abuses of language and call them out. However consider the way language grows and evolves. There was once a time where show was spelled like shew and doubt was spelled like dout. Slang is being invented and remixed almost everyday. Literally literally means figuratively for example.

Language is spontaneous order

It’s a complete misunderstanding of the nature of communication to give into strict grammar rules. Language is what economics call spontaneous order. It’s a collection of norms not developed by some hierarchy but out the day to day incentives and uses. It’s not about how I speak in line with the true rules of language but instead how I do I communicate to meet my needs for this moment. We can imagine a scenario where there is a conflict in grammar assumptions. Say a posh academic attempting to speak with a low income street nomad. There is certainly barriers and they will have to find common ground but after the interaction should the nomad adopt the rules of his conversation partner. Should he return to his community of gypsies unable to communicate with them? Of-course not! We should embrace the language rules that convenient for task at hand. Flowing in and out of rules in order to more effective communicate.
This is not a unique position it seems the more serious a studier of linguistics is the more likely they are to reject objective rules. The webster dictionary and all of it’s language nerds in charge are well aware that their job is not to determine rules but to record how we use words in normal life. In 2015 the Oxford dictionary had “emoji” as it’s word of the year. A word that too many isn’t a formal part of the english language.

The grammar nazi will do good to study linguistics in a more serious sense. As you dive deeper into language you see it as an art not a science. Next time you think about correcting someone for misspelling “you’re” maybe consider the fact that you understood what they were saying already. If you understand the message could it really have been wrong?