My amazing t-mobile customer service experience

Well I needed a new phone. I’ve been using this old rotting S3 for a year or two and it was definitely time to upgrade. Unfortunately i’m a huge phone noob, I didn’t even get my first smartphone until 2014. Even worse i’m on a Company Plan, a great deal but that adds an extra layer of complications to getting anything done. I had no idea where to start so I hopped on facebook and tried to tap into my network.


Oh boy did I luck out! It turns out Macarius Katreeb, superstar T-Mobile employee and VR/Cell Phone enthusiast, was looking at his feed during my crisis. We’ve met maybe once or twice but didn’t really connect until now. He made a comment giving me some basic 101 about picking a carrier (fortunately I love T-Mobile and have no desire to leave), asked about my needs and offered to get on video chat to walk me through the process.

So I took him up on it and i’m very glad I did! Macarius called me up on facebook video chat and with professional gracefulness he gave me all the information I needed. He went over the best options for my budget, explained the step by step process for upgrading and even helped me understand some of the add-ons I could get like the T-Mobile Jump program.

It was just awesome. This is probably one of the best customer service experiences i’ve ever had. Macarius was friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate about his company and products. He had an answer to every question, even the ones I didn’t know I should be asking.

Thank you Macarius Katreeb, looking forward to doing future business with you and T-Mobile!


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