Meaning and emotions – Some thoughts on art

Meaning and emotions – Some thoughts on art

Meaning in art.

As any edgy young philosopher, I’ve dabbled pretty significantly in Nihilism, especially existential nihilism. It can loosely be understood as the rejection of objective meaning in life. Grime, but interesting.
One thought that made it easier to transition to a meaning as subjective, choose your own adventure, world view, was how I’ve begun to see meaning in art. Consider an intriguing work of art. The piece is interesting because it makes you feel something. Regardless of the intentions of a creator, the meaning in the art is ultimately observer dependent. It’s subject to the experiences of the individuals who is.. well… experiencing it. Could meaning in life be similar?

Emotional sincerity and art.

A hearty level of emotional sincerity in art is essential for an authentic and impactful experience. Even the best example of an inauthentic successful band, the sex pistols, still had an emotional sincerity that developed their art. Corporate sell outs sure. Half of the band couldn’t even play instruments sure. But It would be fucking stupid to say, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten and all the boys didn’t have a personal and sincere punk rock ethos and lifestyle.

Yet emotional sincerity doesn’t need to be translated into complete honesty. There’s no need to include every detail of a break up when performing a break-up song. In fact, a good break-up song channels the emotion of the break up without needing to tap into the specifics. It should appeal in a broad way to anyone who’s had a break-up. A good artist learns to take the emotional sincerity of a personal experience while still creating art for a broader audience than just himself.


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