Asking questions to build connections.

Asking questions to build connections.

How do you have a conversation? Do you just sit back and listen? Do you spend the whole time talking about your favorite things?

If your goal for the conversation is to build some kind of meaningful connection with the person, considering asking them questions. Not small questions, no one cares about the weather, but big questions. Ask them if they believe in God, ask them what they think makes a good person.

Make sure when you’re asking questions that you’re doing it in a way that the other person is comfortable being emotionally vulnerable. If you ask a question about their political ideals don’t shut them down when they something fallacious, just listen and respond in a way that advances the conversation without making yourself look like a dick.

If you ask the right questions, you’ll find the conversation will be much more interesting and the relationship you build with that person to be much more intimate. People like to talk about themselves, so let them.


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