Thank you

So I’ve just finished the most emotionally intense 10 months of my life. I’ll be sure to write another post with a very full and honest analysis of my experience with the Praxis program. Before I do that, I wanted to take a day and reflect on all the wonderful people who have helped to build me up and keep me sane during this climb up the mountain of personal development. If I haven’t included you in this, don’t worry I still love you.

I totally cried while writing parts of this by the way.

To James Walpole – Thank you for being one of the most authentically kind people I have ever met. During the final week of the Praxis program you sent me some bitcoin which literally feed me for a day or two. I want you to know I truly think you’re gonna go far in life. I deeply admire your intellectual integrity, and though we don’t talk much, I’d like to express how much I’ve valued the deep conversations we’ve had.

To Kristina Miller – I know I put you through some shit, I can never fully apologize for some of the stuff I did and said. Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for being so god damned open and honest. Thank you for helping me better learn to respect other people’s autonomy and personal boundaries. Thank you for being a person I can be, without fear of harsh judgments, completely emotionally vulnerable with. Our friendship has been one of the most significant pivots in my life, I hope we can always remain close regardless of what the world throws at us.

To Isaac Morehouse – Thank you for being willing to dream. Thank you for being an inspiration to many and showing the world that creativity and entrepreneurship are some of the greatest tools for promoting social change. It has been a deep honor to be part of your program, I look forward to watching you build the future.

To T.K. – Thank you for being a mentor, a guide and more importantly a friend. The conversations we’ve had will last a life time. It’s been a joy knowing I can call on you when I need help working through a philosophical issue. Your overwhelming positivity shines in way that everyone can benefit just from being in your presence.

To Zak Slayback – Thank you for being one of the original sources of my passion for ideas. If it was not for our early online interactions through the Libertarian Highschooler facebook page I might not have been so active in this community and subsequently found praxis. Also, keep being an assshole, it suits you well.

To Stephen Macaskill – Thank you for being the best boss and mentor any young idealistic entrepreneur in training could ask for. I’ve learned so much, not only from working with you, but from being your friend and picking your brain on life, business adventures and adulthood. It’s been a pleasure observing your social interactions and seeing how wonderful my next few years in life can be. I hope that regardless of where my own adventure takes me, we may always think of each other as friends.

To Jillian Batty – Thank you for listening to me on the rough days, and thank you for joking with me on the good days. Thank you for not being afraid to listen to my stories, especially the less kosher ones. You are a great friend, a wonderful mother and a fantastic example of living free in an unfree world.

To Megan Duffield – You are a true bundle of joy. Thank you for being your cheerful self even when everyone else isn’t in the best mood.

To Adam Castle – Thank you for being an inspiring individual. The weekends we’ve spent together were some of the best time I’ve had during these months. I know your passion and drive will have a huge impact on the world.

To the rest of my Denver friends – Thank you for accepting me into your group without any hesitation. I have experienced so much love and joy by being around you. I’ve learned so much from you about about living free in our day to day lives. You are all beautiful and wonderful individuals; the world is privileged to have you live in it.

To my Colorado Springs friends – Thank you for always being there when I needed an escape. I could not have ask for a more solid group of easy going adventurers. Every weekend we’ve spent together has been unbelievably refreshing.

To my Parents – Though you might not fully understand what it is I am trying to do with all this enterpreneurship/anarchism stuff, I would be a fool to ignore the overwhelmingly positive support I have received from you. Thank you for your continued unconditional love.

To my Sister – Thank you for listening to me bitch when I needed it, and thank you for holding me to a high standard even when I’m feeling intellectually/socially/morally lazy. The lessons I’ve learned from our one on ones will always stick with me.

It’s unbelievable how fortunate I am to have you all in my life. I will make sure I’ve earned it.


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