As I speak it, it will come to be.

One of the many joys of Philosophy is using it as a tool to explore the life and minds of other people. Philosophy is not just studying a collection of ideas formed through critical analysis, but it is also about the collection of thinkers shaped by world events, heart break, joy, and much more.
One can not and should not Philosophize in a vacuum. Though we are taught to fear Bias and emotion, they can not be escaped. Philosophy of pure uninfluenced observations would be without application. What good is knowing truth without having a reason to apply it or a frame of values to interpret it?
Philosophy is a social construct. It’s observations and questions about our existence is done by and written for those who experience it. Without the context of the human life there is no philosophy.
The intent of this Blog is just that, not a rigorous search for truth, but an outlet for philosophical observations about my life as a means to trace how my bias/values have changed and have been influenced by my world. No subject is to be taboo, everything from the ethics of sexual relationships to color of my shirt will be attempted to be written about. Some topics will interlink to help complete my thoughts, some posts will unapologetically contradict each other. Let this blog serve a record of my adventure in the absurd search for wisdom. This is Autobiographical Philosophy.


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