Gabriel Mitchell


My name is Gabriel Mitchell. Welcome to my site. Here you can read my blog, see what projects I’m working on, and reach out to me.

I am a Marketer and Entrepreneur who builds up brands by creating cultures.
Noticing a lack of merchandising in the Ethereum cryptocurrency community I launched Ethereum Clothing. I made over $2,000 in revenue my first 6 months and helped get exposure to a technology that will change the world.

I am a Networker who believes through making connections we can live in a better world.
Since I was 16 I’ve been actively networking in the Libertarian community. At 20 I begun working with the international non-profit Liberty on The Rocks helping develop our national network connecting the liberty community with the businesses and services they value.

I am a Pioneer who knows when to a take a risk.

I was one of the first people to join Isaac Morehouse’s Discover Praxis program. A now world famous alternative to higher education. As seen on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Got a project you think I can help on? Need an interesting new friend? Want to debate philosophy?  I’d love to chat! Shoot me an email at